Public Campgrounds

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Operates public campgrounds on the lake and at the Route K crossing upstream from the lake on Black River. The addition of 50 amp electrical service at some campsites has put a new amount in the fee schedule for camping at Clearwater Lake.
These sites the Corps calls the “prime” - are $20 a night. They are available only in River Road, Piedmont Park, Bluff View and Highway K parks.
Other Corps sites with electric hook-ups are $16 a night. They’re available at Piedmont Park, Webb Creek, River Roads, as well as Bluff View and Route K.
The fee for a basic site with no hook-ups is $14.
There are a total of 391 campsites available, of which 325 have electric. There’s also a boat launch fee of $3, and a fee of up to $4 per car for beach use.
For local information, call 5 73-223-7777. For reservations, call 877-444-6777. For a map and brief description of the camps, click below.

• Bluff View
• River Roads
• Piedmont Park
• Webb Creek
• Route K

Sam A. Baker State Park is located east of Clearwater Lake where the St. Francis River and Big Creek join. It is very different from the lake, but is regarded as in the greater lake community. There are two campgrounds plus backpack camping opportunities. For information about Sam Baker, click on

Markham Springs. Also in the lake community is Markham Springs Campground, a U.S. Forest Service recreation area located on Black River several miles downstream from Clearwater Lake. Information is available from the Forest Service at